The lies

My stalker, who some of you may have guessed, is the wife of the man I had an affair with. An affair that ended years ago, but is still haunting me to this day. Parts of it should still haunt me, but the fact that it’s 4 years later and she is still coming up with new lies to tell people, telling people things to get attention. That part is the worst part. The newest lie is posting on her own journal about a baby she lost and talking about a cancer scare she had supposedly because I gave her HPV. Problem is she already had that cancer and had an ova-hysterectomy before I even met her husband. Not having a uterus kinda makes it hard to have had a baby die. Lying to your husband about a disease you don’t have to make he feel sorry for you and to make me look evil is just horrible. Trying to get sympathy from people after you read about my own miscarriages and can’t bare for me to be anything but a monster. Those things make you at least as bad as me.

I would be more angry except I know all the lies your husband told you, the lies he still tells you. The two of you deserve each other. Despite what I did, the people I hurt, as least I never lied to get sympathy, you have the monopoly on that.

Sorry for the rant but this has been a long time coming and seeing that his wife wrote a horrible post filled with lies when I was mourning the death of my child, I sorta snapped.


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