I am sorry

I have tried to say this to you before, it did no good. I am trying again hoping that it will make a difference.

I am sorry I put myself in your life and in your marriage. I am sorry your children were hurt by my actions. Words can’t express how deeply I wish I could take it all back.

I am begging you, please stop writing about me and to me. This is effecting my health and my mental state.

I promise not to post anything about you anymore or to you…though I may still post about after effects of the affair. Please I really cant havr more days like this.


Get it right

Dear (crack) pot,

You talk about how little life I have, but how in the hell would you know what I do with my time if you weren’t checking up on me just as I do you? I have made exactly 2 posts about you or your husband in the whole time since I made the stupid mistake of getting involved with your spouse. How many posts have you made about me? How many lies have you told people, embellishments and obscuring the time frame of events in order to get attention and sympathy?

It’s been 3.5 years (not 4) and I haven’t attempted contact with either of you in that time. Yes I read your posts on various sites (like you did in order to know I was reading yours) the reason I do this is cause I am keeping track of how often your story changes (I have screen caps of every post you have ever made on the site), just in case you want to try to spread lies again to the police. Do you realize your own inconsistencies in your story? You have at least 3 profiles on the site and can’t keep up your story on any of them. How many times is it that your husband and I slept together? You have claimed once, twice, and more. You have claimed it was all protected, never, and a combination there of. I would advise you worry about your own story, rather than what I am doing with my life.

As to your comments about my life. I left my ex, not the other way around, and I did it cause he was an abusive asshole. If you meant my current partner, he isn’t a fuck buddy, we will be married in a few months and are actively trying to have a baby. I have a life I am happy with. I am sorry I hurt you and yours, please live your life and stop trying to reach out to me.


the kettle