Okay the title of this post is due to today, May 4th, having been Free Comic book day, and also because Spider-Man has a sixth sense that alters him of danger.

So Free Comic Book Day is when once a year comic book companies put out a free intro comic book to try to draw in new readership. Its a really big deal in certain circles and has become a fun tradition for my Husband and me.

I should explain that H participates in a once a week game, Heroclix, at a local comic shop and that due to my schedule…and general lack of interest I don’t attend anymore, though I have in the past. Last time was more than a year ago though.

So when hubby and I walk into the store there is this really attractive girl dressed up as Wonder Woman, my fav DC super hero. I was excited to talk to her but hubby beats me to it and makes a bad joke about her wearing pants rather than panties. I was like *blink* and then the two carry on this really familiar conversation and I come to find out she plays Heroclix with him every week. I think nothing of it, until we leave the store.

Right away he starts apologizing t me about just realizing I had never met her before. I made a comment about her being really pretty, we joke around  alot about such things and he never plays coy, but this time he differs and gets all weird. He says, compared to what? The goes quiet and says she is okay. Goes quiet again and says he doesnt think she is that pretty, I ask why not, he makes some lame comment about her hair.

Then we are driving to another comic book store and he is quiet the whole way, until we stop then he asks why I wanted to knpw if I thought she was attractive. WTF…its a 2 hr drive…he was silent for 2 hrs and then mentions it again? My husband is Mr. TERSE never talks about anything but he wouldn’t let this go.

Am i being paranoid or is this suspicious? I have never before in 7 years seen him act that way and never until today really been suspicious of him. Even after him cheating I was never suspicious cause he acted the same, but this was just beyond weird.