Somethings are just broken

My marriage is over, it may never have been a legal marriage but it was a marriage to me in my heart. After almost 7 years I left…perhaps that doesnt make any sense after struggling for the last 2 years to fix the damage we both did but its what I had to do.

I did an insane amount of soul searching, I looked at who I was before the relationship, before the affair, now, and who I want to be. I looked at who he had been and who he is now, I realized everything that had made us who we were together was gone. More over when I tried to get it back he blatantly wanted nothing but to keep on where he was going.

I had an affair, so did he…the difference is that I tried to fix things afterward and he shut off, maybe its my fault…I dont know. I do no that after the last fight I am done, I refuse to be a statistic, I wont have a family with a man who hurts me.

So I left, my marriage is over and I struggle to pick up the pieces.