Just want peace

I want to live my life, drama free or as close to it as possible. I am sorry for the actions I took and the things I did that hurt people. It was over three years ago now. I have respected your wish for NC since you asked for it, never reached out, not once. Why won’t you leave me alone? Do you have to keep making up drama? Can’t you just live your life and be happy?


2 comments on “Just want peace

  1. perdido says:

    hope things have gotten better for you

    my daughters were molested by my husband and I have been reading some of your entries to possibly hopefully get some idea of their state of mind – please feel free to visit my blog and comment any feedback negative or positive is appreciated

    the monster who did this is in jail I turned him in when I found out

    • Thank you for your reply, I hope your daughters don’t have as much issues as I did/do, for me I was an adult when I learned what happened to me so it really colored my view on my whole life. If you haven’t already please get them in counseling.they may be really conflicted about their feeling about their dad, I know I was and am. I will check out your blog ASAP

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